The Soft Speak Sessions

by The Breaking Pattern

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Unofficial collection of our spoken word and various instrumentals.


released August 6, 2016



all rights reserved


The Breaking Pattern Phoenix, Arizona

The Breaking Pattern finds a balance between melodic ambience and an intensity derived from today’s modern indie rock. Fueled by flowery, introspective lyrics, the music creates an excitingly imaginative, atmospheric pop genre.

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Track Name: So I Went Through That Same Gutter [Poem]
So I Went Through That Same Gutter

the one that wrapped around the southern porch
where the rain fell slow
and the people spoke slower.
Whether three years post life or three years pre death
it was always the same here.
The children would tumble down the hill
until they reached the creek where the honeysuckle grew.
They would siphon nectar from the brightest ones.
In the kitchen, the old people cooked. Women
drinking affordable wine, the men
expensive whiskey. On the counter
was a glass jar full of jelly beans.
Everybody loved the jelly beans
or at least once loved the jelly beans
you could have some whenever you liked.
The music was full of classics
that every human being on the planet should know
but nobody ever actually does.
It didn’t matter. So soft it hummed over constant laughing
yet here it was, the sound of someone
who wasn’t in the room but was forever welcomed.
At least, that is what the old people talked about in the kitchen
as the children collected their harvest of yellow and vine.

And so I went through that same gutter
the one that wrapped around a southern porch
where the rain fell slow.
Where the rain squeezed itself into the tin pipe
jostling about, pushing the other droplets in a stampede
that ran straight into the ground
straight into the soil, soaked into the earth beneath
where it waited for the light to show itself
and lift it back up towards the sky that it once called
Track Name: When At A Loss For Words (The Kissing Poem) [Spoken Word]
I want to kiss you on the mouth
I want to kiss you like the French do
I want to kiss you like we're in Hollywood,
the rain has been queued up and the cameras are rolling!
I want to sweep you off your feet and kiss you as you hover above me
I want to kiss you like it's my job, my only job, and I am due for a promotion
I want to kiss you like teenagers in the back of a movie theatre
I want to kiss you like a steel pole in dead winter so our lips our stuck together and the only thing that can separate them is more heat

I want to kiss you worse than a frog wants to kiss a princess
I want to kiss you more than a rigged game of spin the bottle
I want to kiss you like a lost sailor kisses his first steps of land

I need your kiss like a wound needs a mother’s kiss
Like a robot powered by kisses and you are wearing electromagnetic lipstick
Kiss me like New Years! Yes! Kiss me Like Valentines Day! Yes!
Kiss me Fourth of July sparks flying fireworks, kiss me like these clouds
are mistletoe and we're stuck inside Christmas
Kiss me like that one song is playing full volume all around you and we're trapped in the backseat of a bad 90s movie

Kiss me bugs bunny style
Kiss me soldier returning from war style
Kiss me zombie style yeah kiss my brains out

Kiss me like an astronaut kisses the moon until he loses his breathe
Kiss me like we won the lotto
Like it’s raining in arizona
like a repented henchmen kisses the mob bosses ring
Like a Catholic sinner kissing the rosary in trembling hand
Like Judas kissed Jesus

I will kiss you like you are a prescription
Your lips are ambien
They put me fast asleep
Your lips are ambien
They have me tripping balls
Your lips are ambien
Not recommended to those with a heart condition - I
I think have a heart condition

Kiss me sweet jellyfish
Until my lips sting and numb
move down my neck I will not speak again
Keep wandering down
Until you land on my chest
Just over my heart
So that I can die here
Happy at last