There Are Roadmaps In Our Veins

by The Breaking Pattern

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released April 8, 2016

The Breaking Pattern is Derek Hackman, Brandon Dillman, Jacob Beaver, Nick Benzer

Produced By: Cory Spotts

Special Thank You: Adam Crane, Jake DeJarnett, Andy Gingrich, Jason Stieler, Marty Welker, Matt Graham, Sam Kjar, Anna Pancoast, David Kleinebreil, Bobby Hendrix, Dmitri Brown, Stephen Chilton, Stateside Presents, the Dillman family, and our supporters in the AZ music community.



all rights reserved


The Breaking Pattern Phoenix, Arizona

The Breaking Pattern finds a balance between melodic ambience and an intensity derived from today’s modern indie rock. Fueled by flowery, introspective lyrics, the music creates an excitingly imaginative, atmospheric pop genre.

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Track Name: Let Love Go
Yes you’re flawed, but well intentioned. This adversity you’ll over-
Come and grow stronger. This life is yours let love go.
Track Name: The Rapture
This is goodnight & goodbye

Well I’ll be damned such a pretty face,
you make me lose my mind when I am near you

I lost my life out there searching
For all the answers and this I know
We’ll meet up again one day
I am soul and you are the rapture

Well I pretend that I’m ok
It is ok even if it is the end

Darling just forget, the times that we had
The days we stayed in bed, the nights I made you laugh
Darling just forget, the summer that we spent
Track Name: Act Natural (Keep Your Composure)
I can’t be held responsible for my actions on this night
If I could take it all back I’d have stayed home locked up inside
Guess I’ll just be getting drunk in the kitchen with my friends
Far away from the site of you with him

Oh how I hate how my throat begins to sink
When you walk into the room with him (whoa oh)
Someone tear me away I cannot bear to see this
Pretending not to be phased but I’m shaking violently

It’s another lesson in self-control
It’s another lesson that I wish I never had to learn
It’s another bullshit night I lie awake in suck city
It’s another sleepless night I die a little while you look pretty

Keep your composure, it’s almost over
No don’t let them see you

(you are the liquor that I can’t get out of my system
You are a cancer that I can’t cut deep enough to kill
You’re not the burning bush I once thought that my god could speak from
You’re just the weed that sucks the life until the garden dries up)

Keep your composure, until the garden dries up
Track Name: Alaska
you are colder and more remote than Alaska

Charging through these arctic seas
The silence comes to take from me
But I won’t let you soak in solitude

Lover come back to me
(lover come back, lover come back to me)
Even in my daydreams you are the one
Who hushes me to sleep
(hushes me to sleep)
With your lips and soft speak
Don’t think, don’t even say
That the winter won’t leave

I drown in thoughts of you
Like Venice in the sea
I see you in this thaw
We’ll make it through the freeze

I am no longer sovereign
Over my own thoughts
It’s only you
Track Name: Pretty On The Outside
I bite my tongue
As you bite my lip
My hands are tied when you
Tie me up like this

I choke on my words
When you go down my neck
Just like your pills
And your cigarettes

Black war paint smeared across my white flag pillow case
I know where this will lead
But the cure hurts worse than the disease

Lecher I burn for you
Lecher I thought I’d be over this by now
You taste like a bad decision baby and I
I couldn’t care less if this’d be the end of me

I lose my spine when you claw my back
Pet names keep me curled up in your lap (whoa oh)
How can we fight when you undress
I hate your love but I love your (whoa oh)

(you got me riled up
this taste of lust
will spell the end of us)
Track Name: Something / Anything
Cut me like a loss
Like I’ll drop off the face of the earth

Don’t let this drag out
Any longer than it has to
I think I know what I should do

I am breathing
My hearts beating
But it doesn’t mean that I’m alive

This is not the end
When will I feel like I can
Feel again
[something anything
I think I think too much
When will enough just be good enough]

Normal is such a foreign world
That I’m not so sure
I will ever learn

Unstable and insecure
Reclusive but I’m scared
My friends are out without me once again

It takes a gun to hold my chin up
Marianna’s trench I think that I
reached my low point but I know
that miracles exist if we wish away
Track Name: Woman Of Seine
There must be some secret code
Of clever words I need to learn to
String together to get you out of the cold

I fall in love with ideas
And you are
Just another one
Of my solutions

You are the archeologist
And I am ruined
Come excavate this
And find what is sacred in me

My body is a boxing ring
Of chemicals I can’t pronounce
Your body is a foreign land
I’m lost but not left without wonder

This is not how I planned it to be…
Track Name: White Stone
They call me sinner, they call me wretch
A good for nothing son of a
They call me thief and a deviant
Transgressor, black sheep full of evil

They call fake you can call me coward
I am a ghost but I’m not a liar
They say I’m lost, that I am hopeless
And from the dark (I hear you are)
To start a new beginning
Track Name: White Lie Black Market
You said that I was yours and yours alone
Why won’t you tell me who is on the phone
Can’t take it back now look me in the eyes
Avoiding questions with a pointless fight

(I can’t take this)
Don’t you tell me that I was wrong
I can see just who you are
Don’t you tell me that this is my fault
You did this on your own

You got me right where you want me
Two faced do I even know you
Don’t think I don’t see right through you
Don’t think I don’t see right through

Lights camera action
(Quite on the set)
She’s making a scene
Adding to her trophy case
Track Name: Colonies (Of Earth & Ocean)
The doctor will be here soon
As I held your hand in the waiting room
Concrete cold one hand on the miracle
Fast asleep and growing inside of you

Colonies of earth and ocean
Swallow me in this shame
From the mystery we come
Into the mystery we return
The silence calls my name

And maybe I’m the American
If these hills look like white elephants
If you were Mary then I played God
What your body could bear
Our conscious could not

[This litany of things locked inside of me
Like maybe I loved but what if I’m wrong
That the feeling it came but now that feeling is gone
Are we monsters making angels
Is our home a sea for tears
We won’t speak of this again
We are too young and full fear
That the dirt which formed us
makes caskets along well lit paths
Our cups are overflowing
but we’ve never been more hollowed out than this]
Track Name: Skyward As We Burn
Jewels stream to the corners of your lips
Not at all as pretty as gems should be
Collecting all of the things that you left here
This is not your home but it holds enough memories
To be called so

Fist raised in protest do little to inflict
The violence that you feel
But does express it so damn well
What comes next hurts so much worse
That you wonder if too could be called

Waiting for the nightfall to hold you hostage
Waiting in your tousled bones it’s like
Drowning and burning at the same time

(Fighter fighter fighter
Never come back here)

There’s a tear in the dress that you’re holding in hand
You’ll try your best to sew it back together again

For the nightfall
In your tousled bones]